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FEC Demands Trump Team Label CNN Equality Town Hall a Campaign Expense

FEC Demands Trump Team Label CNN Equality Town Hall a Campaign Expense

As CNN hosts asked each Democratic candidate to explain why taxpayers should pay for the sex change operation of prisoners, the good folks at the Federal Elections Commission couldn’t help but notice Donald Trump’s approval rating inching up the longer the show aired.

Eventually, it was decided to officially label the full CNN broadcast as a Trump 2020 campaign expense.

“We understand that the Trump campaign didn’t technically pay for this program,” an FEC official told The Glorious American. “But when one of our agents walked in the room and unknowingly said: ‘Oh, my. This is one killer ad from Trump. He’ll win in 2020 with this ad for sure!’, we decided we had no choice but to charge Trump with the cost of production,” the official concluded.

When the FEC called the Trump campaign, it was the President himself who answered that call.

“Bull [explicit]!” Trump quickly hollered.

But as the FEC agent explained what the candidates actually said, the President quickly changed his tune.

“They said what?” Trump asked. “Oh, baby. You can put that one on my tab. Absolutely.”

When the agent revealed another bizarre thing said by a Democrat, Trump said, “Well, that one was a real beaut! I’m going to assume it was a woman who said that.”

“Actually, that was Elizabeth Warren, Mr. President,” the agent replied.

“Oh, really?” a surprised Trump said. “Charge that to me also. You know something? You’re a sweet kid. You’ll do great things at the FEC. Believe me.”

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