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Lin Wood Pretty Sure This Cat Is In On The Whole Thing Too

Lin Wood Pretty Sure This Cat Is In On The Whole Thing Too

Lin Wood is pretty sure he just discovered the true mastermind behind the deep fraud of the 2020 election.  In a bombshell statement the attorney wrote the following:

“We now know who was directing John Robert’s treasonous actions.  It was Stella, my wife’s cat.  This whole time he has been applying pressure on Mike Pence with his evil gaze.  Trust me.  I’ve seen it up close and it’s terrifying.  The only thing that will satisfy Stella is a Joe Biden presidency and some Meow Mix.  But we won’t let that happen!  I have asked President Trump to prepare the firing squad for this demon cat.  Patriots, DO NOT be fooled by Stella’s fluffy face and cute paws!! She cannot win and will not win.  ALMIGHTY GOD IS WITH US!  IN JESUS NAME AMEN!”

While the media seeks to dismiss Wood’s claims, the cat does have a history of violence.  A 2014 police report shows that once, while Wood was peacefully sleeping, he moved his hand under the sheets and Stella viciously attacked it.

“I should have known!  All the signs were there!” Wood screamed waving his fist in the air.  

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