Pete Buttigieg Pretty Sure It Was Mike Pence Who Caused His Vending Machine Mishap

Pete Buttigieg Pretty Sure It Was Mike Pence Who Caused His Vending Machine Mishap

During his stay at a Des Moines Hyatt, Pete Buttigieg felt he needed a snack before heading to bed.

He made a quick stop to the vending machines and before he knew it, Vice President, Mike Pence had caused the Mayor’s M&M’s to become wedged against the glass, unable to fall down for retrieval.

As guests and staff walked by, Buttigieg would point to the stuck candy and loudly yell, “The hatred and bigotry seen here is sadly typical of Mike Pence!”

The Mayor sat down in front of the vending machine and feverishly called and texted his friends in the media.

Soon a Hyatt maintenance worker approached Buttigieg and explained how this type of thing happens every so often and it was not the work of the Vice President.

“Oh, BELIEVE me!” The mayor snapped. “As a gay man, I’m CONSTANTLY being harassed by Mike Pence like this!”

As the employee began his attempt to free the M&M’s, Mayor Pete jumped on his back forbidding it. “NOT UNTIL THE MEDIA FULLY DOCUMENTS THE ASSAULT!”

Finally, A CNN truck spun wildly into the parking lot and reporters sprinted to the scene.

“We got a text saying that Mike Pence was here harming the LGBTQ community and to bring M&M’s!” The reporter screamed.

Buttigieg explained what Pence had done and how he actually wanted peanut M&M’s. Also, how the Hyatt employee was trying to correct the crime before the authorities arrived.

“What? This guy is a lunatic,” the CNN reporter said pointing to the maintenance man. “Typical blue-collar worker running to defend the Trump administration.”

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