Hillary Still Getting Caught With Bernie’s 2016 Delegates

Hillary Still Getting Caught With Bernie’s 2016 Delegates

Hillary Clinton and the DNC would like to move on from their well-publicized rigging of the 2016 primaries. However, authorities in Chappaqua keep catching Hillary with Bernie Sanders’ delegates.

Around 6am last Wednesday, police stopped Clinton’s car. “She began acting a bit more unlikable than usual,” said Officer Sean McFaul. “I was trying to talk to her driver, but she kept butting in explaining how much the people of New Hampshire truly do love her. That was such a colossal lie I knew I needed to search the vehicle,” the officer concluded.

The Glorious American has learned that the officer found at least 42 New Hampshire delegates in Clinton’s town car that belonged to Senator Sanders.

“Yeah, we frequently catch Hillary with Bernie’s delegates,” McFaul added. “We’ll find her suspiciously burying them with a shovel, sitting on them like a hen, or hiding them in her well-stocked medicine cabinet. She’s really bad at hiding these from the authorities.”

Sanders, who has been mostly muzzled in his criticism of Clinton, was clearly frustrated when he was made aware of the early morning bust. “Oh. Umm, yes. My delegates,” he angrily muttered as was getting in a car. “The real problem is… Trump,” he said as he snapped the car’s door handle off in his hand.

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