Democrats Place List Of Black Voters’ Concerns In Special Filing Cabinet

Democrats Place List Of Black Voters’ Concerns In Special Filing Cabinet

After Joe Biden delivered a carefully crafted insult to the African American community, some black leaders were left questioning the DNC’s official policy of taking them for granted.

“We know of like eight or nine black people who might not vote for the Democrat in the next elections if our concerns are not dealt with,” Said a black leader who wishes to remain nameless because everyone would call him an Uncle Tom.

When Nancy Pelosi heard about this list of concerns, she jumped into action.  “Oh, heavens!  Please hand over this list right away!  We want to place it in our special filing cabinet!” Pelosi yelled while trying to contain her laughter.

“Are you sure?” the black leader nervously replied.  “Because for the last fifty years we keep giving you these lists of concerns and our cities keep crumbling away into poverty and despair.”

While stepping into the back room of the DNC Pelosi yelled, “Oh, yeah!  We really plan to dive into this list of needs and make policies that strengthen the black community.  We’ll do it right away too!”  Following her reassurance, the loud sound of a commercial-grade paper shredder was heard chewing up documents.  “LET ME JUST PLACE YOUR IMPORTANT LIST IN OUR SPECIAL FILING CABINET!” she yelled over the noise while cackling with laughter.  

Following the exchange, Pelosi kindly asked the black leader to ‘get the hell away from her’ while she frantically pressed a button under the desk.  “Yes!  We’ve got another one here bothering me again,” she whispered into a walkie-talkie.  “I don’t care where!  Anywhere but inside my gated community!”

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