Radical Maniacs Enter Capitol Building, Followed By Protestors

Radical Maniacs Enter Capitol Building, Followed By Protestors

The day after Beto O’Rourke’s nephew, Jon Ossoff, and Louis Farrakhan’s Make-A-Wish recipient, Raphael Warnock became US Senators, all hell broke loose in Washington.

“Everyone thinks that because two radical maniacs will be allowed in The Capitol building, anyone can come in here now!” a police officer yelled, trying to hold protestors back.  “We’ve never seen anything like this except for the thirty-six weekends that Black Lives Matter destroyed DC last year.”

The day was full of surprises as just minutes before people stormed the building; an amazing transformation happened to some nearby leftist groups.  “Hey, can we borrow some of those MAGA hats and flags,” some Antifa members asked of pro-Trumpers.  “We’ve..um.. changed our mind.  We really like Trump now, and we’d like to tear down this swamp in his honor.”

After converting into Trump supporters, the rage of the stolen elections seemed to overcome the second-old conservatives.  They dove into the building and began terrorizing everyone.

“Dang! You guys are really good at this destruction stuff.  It seems like you have years of experience,” Trump supporters marveled.   

Over the next few hours, dozens of Antifa members converted into Trump supporters, but MAGA hats and American flags were becoming hard to find.

“Quick!  We need to look like a conservative when we riot.  Someone tell me how Republicans dress!” an ex-Antifa member screamed to his crew.

“I think they dress like half-man-half-buffalo people with Viking helmets!” he was informed.

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