Joe Biden ‘Calls Dibs’ On Being The Woman So We Have To Believe Him

Joe Biden ‘Calls Dibs’ On Being The Woman So We Have To Believe Him

There are two things we all know to be true.  One: We must believe all women.  Two:  Gender is fluid.  So the latest maneuver by the Biden campaign was obvious.  On Friday morning, Joe Biden officially ‘called dibs’ on being the woman so everyone must belive his side of the Tara Reade allegation.

“Mr. Biden, if that is your real name, can you explain why you acted so Kavanaugh-like to Ms. Reade?” Mika Brzezinski asked the former VP.

“DIBS!” Joe Biden quickly yelled back while sticking his hand in the air.  “I call dibs on being the woman—I was told to say that!”

Brzezinski sank back in her chair, as her eyes welled up with tears.  “So you’re saying that horrible Reade identifies as a man, and he abused your precious, female body?” she whispered.

“Uhhhh?” Joe said with wandering eyes.  “All I know is, if I call dibs on being the woman, they’ll give me some frozen yogurt.”  

Within minutes of the interview, Joe Biden was named woman of the year by Time Magazine and the hashtag #IBelieveOurGal was trending on social media.

Update:   Tara Reade has been arrested for harassing Miss Biden, and he is being held without bail. 

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