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Joe Biden Begins Openly Cheerleading For Mob

Joe Biden Begins Openly Cheerleading For Mob

In a rare public appearance, Joe Biden was seen wearing a cheerleader’s outfit and openly cheering on a violent mob on Tuesday.   Naturally, the national polls are showing that average Americans ‘loved seeing that’ from Biden and the fictional President’s approval rating skyrocketed to 84% approval.

“I’m not surprised,” said a national pollster.  “History tells us that average Americans love the party who’s rooting for death, violence, and anarchy.  Throw sweet innocent ol’ Joe dressed like a teenaged girl in the mix and he may sweep all 50 states.”

Biden’s popularity spiked when the camera captured him cheering on a mob as they destroyed a Walgreens while he quietly chanted, “Bang bang, choo choo train, Come on looters—do the, ya know, thang!”

As Biden waved his pom-poms and did an impressive routine, Donald Trump was on the phone with several Democrat senators imploring them to re-hire their police force.

Update:  Biden’s cheerleading ended after he saw a reflection of himself dressed as a girl.  He spent the rest of the night trying to find a way to sniff his own hair. 

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