Native Buffalo Retake Most Of Nation’s Empty Hospitals

Native Buffalo Retake Most Of Nation’s Empty Hospitals

A truly amazing photo has been submitted to The Glorious American showing a Denver hospital completely overtaken by the mighty buffalo.  The photo, which show moss and ivy overgrowth in a large waiting room, is being discredited by many in the media.  “Not possible!  Every single hospital in the country—no the world is EXACTLY as packed as New York!” Screamed MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. 

But top zoologists are claiming otherwise.  “American Bison and Buffalos are naturally drawn to large peaceful areas.  These hospital buildings being this large and this empty are becoming a logical new home for the beasts,” they explained.

While this could have been predicted in Colorado hospitals, it’s not just there.  Hospitals in Philadelphia and Miami have also been overrun with the grazing animals.

Experts believe that because all retail buildings are also empty, you will soon see your local Office Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond overrun with bison as well.  Dr. Fauci, who recently suggested extreme measures be taken to combat the virus, says we should accept this new reality.

“It’s their land now,” Fauci quietly told Americans in a press briefing.  “Perhaps in a decade or two our buffalo leaders will accept us.  By then, it will be the buffalo that run the economy.  Naturally, tall grass and shrubbery will be the only recognized currency.”

Donald Trump, who followed Dr. Fauci’s comments, could only reply, “Real tough stuff.  But I’ve always had an excellent relationship with the cows, specifically Rosie O’Donnell, so we’ll see where that gets us.”