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Gavin Newsom Cancels Support For Trump Due To COVID Concerns

Gavin Newsom Cancels Support For Trump Due To COVID Concerns

Californians can add ‘support for Trump’ to the long list of things that are canceled due to COVID concerns.  The announcement came Sunday from Governor Gavin Newsom who moonwalked onto the stage, eager to share the news.

“My fellow Califor—ya know what?  We can drop the formalities at this point, right?  Listen, slaves!  We’ve got another announcement!” Newsom yelled waiving his hands like Hitler.

“Support for Donald Trump is hereby canceled!  And it’s because I hate hi—I mean, because of COVID-19.  Yes, the doctors tell me this virus has taken another turn.  So all support for Trump or any other freedom-minded leader, just needs to end immediately.”

This safety precaution also clears the path for California liberals to finally bring about the utopia they’ve always wanted.  “It’s true democrats have run California for 25 years, but we always kinda felt those Republicans lurking,” Newsom informed.  “Republicans being allowed to live here sort of creates a general fog.  It’s caused our policies to fail.”   

The fourteen Trump supporters in California were furious at the news, but were unable to give comment as they were busy loading their U-Hauls.

“Hey, where are you guys going?!” Newsome yelled at the Trump supporters as they peeled out.  “Can you guys please remember to send me 14% of your income?!”

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