Kamala Harris Accidentally Touts The 'Soros/Harris Administration'

Kamala Harris Accidentally Touts The 'Soros/Harris Administration'

Kamala Harris’ streak of saying the quiet part out loud continued Friday when she mistakenly referred to the administration as the “Soros/Harris administration”.

Her slip-up came while speaking in a completely empty Marriott conference room.

“Thank you for inviting me to speak at the Democrat Small Business Owners Of America forum,” She began.  “I know there aren’t any of you left, but hopefully we’ll have one or two Democrat business owners under the Soros/Harris Administration!”

“Who are you talking to?  And wait a minute–did you just say the Soros/Harris Administration”? A Marriott employee asked while popping his head into the room.

Clearly nervous, Harris unleashed her heartwarming cackle that Americans love so much.  But her demeanor changed once she remembered the secret Democrat politician trick.  “NO QUESTIONS!” she screamed while throwing the microphone at the worker like a grenade and sprinting away.

But Harris didn’t need to put up much more of a fight as Fox News producers stormed into the conference room to scold the Marriott worker. 

“Nope.  No!  We are not going to talk about Soros!” they yelled.  “Whoever says the name George Soros is a conspiracy theorist.  Don’t believe us?  Just keep it up and he’ll have you killed.”   

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