New Video Of Trump Votes Fed Into Wood Chipper More Proof Of Clean Election

New Video Of Trump Votes Fed Into Wood Chipper More Proof Of Clean Election

Because of a bombshell video, the mainstream media finally has conclusive proof that the 2020 election was as clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. 

 A video from Atlanta has surfaced of a man feeding thousands of Trump ballots into a commercial-grade wood chipper at 3 am.  The man operating the machine (which was labeled “TRUMP BALLOTS ONLY”) has been identified as Hunter Biden’s southeast regional drug dealer.  His street name is “Chippy McStuffins” and the word on the street is he’s the best covert wood chipper operator east of the Mississippi. 

The nine-hour video is in crystal clear, 4K resolution, and even has audio.   

“OK, nobody botha me!  Just give me all the Trump ballots and ol’ McStuffins will take care of ‘em!” he screamed as loudly as he could.  “And by ‘take care of them’, let me be clear—I’m gonna destroy them in this here wood chipper!  That way, Biden will fraudulently win and Hunter can still be my best customer!”

DNC records even show Chippy was put on the Georgia pay role as “Cheater Who Will Cheat.”

One might think this is good news for Trump supporters, but they’d be sadly mistaken.  All the news networks are saying that nothing on this footage even comes close to evidence of voter fraud. 

“Believe it or not, this video shows standard election protocol,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp told Fox News.  “You see, Chippy McStuffins, a selfless and honorable volunteer, is simply sorting all the Trump votes.  He puts each ballot into the micro-sorter and that files the ballot into 100,000 tiny pieces.  This makes them easier to…uhh file.  Or some s***.”

Update:  McStuffins is now suing the DNC for overtime pay.  Apparently, there was quadruple the amount of Trump ballots to shred than what he was told.

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