Biden Website Expands Ways For Supporters To Contribute

Biden Website Expands Ways For Supporters To Contribute

The official Biden For President website has expanded the options for their passionate supporters to contribute.  The buttons ‘Loot’ and ‘Riot’ have been added, and so far they have been a big hit.  The website has been visited over twelve times since its inception.

Now when Democrats are running low on other people’s money, they can simply click ‘Loot’ and the website will direct them to the closest hotspot where business owners have given up hope.  Secondly, the ‘Riot’ button will provide a handy list showing where the next peaceful protests are.  There, Democrat voters can contribute to Joe Biden by throwing bricks at law enforcement or help burn down some low-income housing.

“We’re a big tent party with many diverse talents.  You think the GOP has people ready to drive a Nissan through a Nordstrom?” a campaign official asked.  “All the passion is clearly on Biden’s side.  We just need to harness it before Bill Barr does.”

Update:  The campaign now believes it might be a smarter strategy to eliminate Trump supporters, so a section has been added to the website to list the name and address of suspected Republican voters.  

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