US Military Storms In To Help Cuban People After Hearing They Only Know 2 of the 63 Genders

US Military Storms In To Help Cuban People After Hearing They Only Know 2 of the 63 Genders

After hearing the country of Cuba only knew of two of the sixty-three genders, over 600 U.S. pilots used CH-47 heavy-lift helicopters to transport critical equipment and combat vehicles to the island.

The scale of the invasion was record-breaking and ‘totes necessary,’ claimed Biden’s ultra-woke General, Mark Milley.

“I’m not usually too emotional, but when I heard the Cubans didn’t know what a Cis Transfeminine Feminizer was, I did the ugly cry for easily twelve minutes,” Milley said before sending in the armed forces.

But as more details emerge, it appears the people of Cuba only claimed limited knowledge of the genders because they were sure Biden’s military would invade upon hearing the news. Once American soldiers arrived, the impoverished people pointed at the communist leaders’ lavish homes and shouted, “There they are–in there! The guys inside said there are only two genders and that men can’t have babies!”

“WHAT IN TARNATION?” General Milley screamed before ordering the complete destruction of the structures.

US soldiers then fastened their pink pussy hats and begin spraying machine-gun fire at the building. Civilian onlookers thought this loud and chaotic tactic would only last for a minute, but they underestimated the wokeness of Biden’s new military.

For over twenty-eight minutes, the soldiers’ hips slowly swayed side-to-side as they sprayed bullets everywhere, all the while loudly weeping and cursing their fathers. It was such an awkwardly long and uncomfortable scene, many of the Cubans wondered if communism was really that bad after all.

Update: While on the island many US troops suffered massive panic attacks after seeing the American flag on their uniforms.  The Cuban people are now rejecting all types of American aid after being forced to listen to the soldiers’ grievances for twelve hours.  

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