Rashida Tlaib To Israelis: 'What Did Hamas Ever Do To You?'

Rashida Tlaib To Israelis: 'What Did Hamas Ever Do To You?'

WASHINGTON, DC — Rashida Tlaib continues to dazzle the DC elites with her vast understanding of international affairs. This time, she posed a question that left Democrats in awe.

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“As we watch Israel unleash violence and deadly attack on the sweet and gentle people of Palestine, I pose this question to Benjamin Netan. “What did Hamas ever do to you?” Tlaib asked. “And what’s worse? The media keeps celebrating what Netan is doing by always saying ‘yahoo!’ after mentioning his name. Shameful!

The congresswoman then demanded that Israeli critics of Hamas speak for themselves and stop having the media speak on their behalf.

“I noticed that when Hamas themselves pays surprise visits to Israelis homes, we never hear any formal complaints,” Tlaib said. “Just the initial screams of surprise. But then, not one peep! But the media doesn’t cover that, do they?”

Update: In the wake of so many Palestinians out of work, Rashida Tlaib has sponsored a bill that would import fourteen million fighting-age displaced Muslims to America to run Jewish day schools.

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