Japan Immediately Following Strike On Pearl Harbor: ‘Time To Heal’

Japan Immediately Following Strike On Pearl Harbor: ‘Time To Heal’

As America reflects on the Pearl Harbor attack, we are reminded of the Joe Biden-type wisdom that was given by the Japanese Prime Minister, Hideki Tojo, moments after they destroyed our naval base.

“Time to heal,” he said roughly eight minutes after the attack.  “Our two nations had their differences when we were bombing you just then, but now we must come together.”

Joe Biden said he learned many lessons from this attack as he addressed the nation on the grim anniversary.

“That day, I learned that no matter how viciously you treat a group of people, the moment you obtain unyielding power over them, you can quickly call a truce, and they have to act like it never happened,” Biden said.  “I think it’s called the five-second rule.”

As Biden spoke about the somber day to his record crowd (four people), he couldn’t help but feel an uneasy tension in the room.

“What?  Did I break wind?” Biden asked.

“Well, a little. But why is everyone acting sad about this story?” an Antifa member asked.  “Our horrid, evil racist country got taken down a notch—and that’s a bad thing?”  

Biden was more confused than usual until Susan Rice coached him through via earpiece. 

“Agree with them!” she snapped.  “Hurry, before they kill you!”

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