Teacher Comes Out As Cannibal, Tries To Eat The Students

Teacher Comes Out As Cannibal, Tries To Eat The Students

BUFFALO, NY- To familiarize herself with the students, fourth-grade substitute teacher, Hazel Morris shared that she was an active cannibal and floated the idea of eating some of them.

“Well, a little something about me,” Morris began on the Zoom class. “I exclusively eat meat and I love kids. Wow. It’s so good to see all of you ripe children this morning.”

Soon the students began to notice something was wrong when the substitute teacher kept drooling and asking when lunch was.

Then her scoldings started to become oddly specific.

“Michael, If you don’t keep quiet, I’ll rub garlic butter all over you and put you in my air fryer for 25 minutes at 400°! Don’t think I won’t!” she was captured yelling.

“I felt uncomfortable,” nine-year-old Mia Lewis said. “She told us our homework was to shave our heads and sprinkle a little paprika in our bath.”

Eventually, Miss Morris told the children she identifies as a cannibal and “her truth” would be to eat a few of them. The authorities were immediately called and the children watched as the police drug her away from the zoom call.

“I came here to teach social studies and eat human children and I don’t know anything about social studies!” she screamed while being wrestled to the ground.

Update: Hazel Morris has been named teacher of the year.

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