Stacey Abrams Banned For Misinformation After Tweeting ‘I Fight For A Cause Bigger Than Myself’

Stacey Abrams Banned For Misinformation After Tweeting ‘I Fight For A Cause Bigger Than Myself’

ATLANTA, GA–It seems the bigger they are, the harder they fall. That’s certainly the case for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams. On Sunday night, her Twitter account was suspended after she deliberately spread the falsehood that she was fighting for a cause bigger than herself.

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Twitter acted quickly after Abrams’ post was reported by Don Jr.

“Ummm? So @Elonmusk, you going to let this stand? I’m normally not for censorship, but this is irresponsibly untrue,” the President’s son tweeted.

The uproar was so great Twitter, Facebook, Google, and even Tom from MySpace gathered for a joint meeting. After their collaboration, they issued the following statement:

“We agree that Governor Abrams is fighting for a rather large cause. But claiming it’s bigger than herself is so factually impossible that we feel it’s speech worth censoring. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, and you can’t yell stuff is bigger than Stacey Abrams. She has been deplatformed in every way, and that includes any Subway club card stamps she might still have.”

The big tech giants acted swiftly, but it appears the damage has already been done. Early Monday, thousands of people were spreading various versions of what’s being called ‘The Bigger Lie.’

“Watching Jaws. They’re going to need a bigger boat. Probably bigger than Stacey Abrams!” read a horribly misleading Facebook post. And a Twitter user further spread misinformation by writing, “Accepted into Georgia State. I’m going to dream big! Bigger than our fearless Governor!”

Update: Stacey Abrams has appealed her suspension. She claims she has hundreds of thousands of signatures in suitcases voting for her social media accounts should be reinstated.

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