Sherwin-Williams Releases 'San Francisco Streets' Color Swatch Series

Sherwin-Williams Releases 'San Francisco Streets' Color Swatch Series

SAN FRANCISCO – CA, Sherwin-Williams Paint has unveiled the perfect new color options for the hard-core progressive DIYer in your life.

In recent years, The City by the Bay has become famous for the rich and diverse shades of browns splattered across the town. Thus, the “San Francisco Streets” series was born and will hit stores later this month.

“Browns have always been one of our worst-selling colors,” Sherwin-Williams CEO John Morikis told The Glorious American. “But the Bay Area must just adore this color. It’s as if someone already painted the city brown. Personally, I find it disgusting what they’ve done to the place, but San Francisco has always been on the cutting edge of fashion, so we trust they know what they’re doing.”

“We really wanted to capture that unique brown that is often caked on the bottom of San Franciscans’ shoes as they return home from work,” Sherwin-Williams said in a press release. “Our color experts even made ‘BART Brown’ come with a nice yellow piece of corn as an accent.”

The “San Francisco Streets” series will include the following colors:

BART Brown

SoMa Soft Stool

Dogpatch Diarrhea

Stockton St. Mud-Butt

Coit Colon Brown

Divisadero Dookie

Tenderloin Turd

Potrero Poo

Wet Shart Warfield

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