School Bus Driver Reminded To Stop Drifting Into Drop Off Line

School Bus Driver Reminded To Stop Drifting Into Drop Off Line

The Beaverton School District had to once again remind Bus 41 to stop drifting into its morning drop-off spot. Sources say long-time driver Chuck “The Clutch” Cote has been warned several times about this stunt. On Monday, Principal Barbara Horton personally assured concerned parents that Bus 41 would be coming to a safe, normal stop from now on.

“Oh Babbs. She needs to relax,” said Chuck. “It’s always something with her. First it’s ‘don’t take the kids on a donut run,’ then she’s on my case for arriving late. I can’t win with her!” When pressed about the dangerous act of drifting, he offered this explanation: “Listen bro. I don’t make the rules. If you happen to sleep in or forget the route, drifting to the front of the line allows you to make up valuable time.”

Many children on Bus 41 do not share the administration’s concerns. 5th grader Jake Douglas told us the white-knuckle ride into school each day is “a high only The Clutch can deliver.”

“What does Babbs want from The Clutch?” yelled Chuck. “To drive all slowly and calmly pull up to school like the other lame drivers?”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I want,” said Principal Horton.

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