Report: Joe Biden Presidency Just Elaborate 'Wanna Get Away' Southwest Ad

Report: Joe Biden Presidency Just Elaborate 'Wanna Get Away' Southwest Ad

DALLAS, TX – As many suspected, the entire Joe Biden presidency was concocted by the marketing department over at Southwest Airlines.  The commercial, nearing completion, will showcase a comical montage of the US economy collapsing, the vanquished energy sector, and poopy-pants Biden looking confused. Then the signature, “Wanna Get Away?” voice-over we all love so much, will be heard.

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“Oh, the 2020 election?  Yeah, Trump rolled on election night, obviously.  Won 47 states.  But we wanted this cheeky little ad very badly.  So we made Joe win because this commercial is going to be hilarious,” A Southwest spokesperson informed. 

Critics of the ad claim the commercial is not worth the cataclysmic suffering and death, the sharp decline of living standards, not to mention the airline industry’s collapse.

“Yeah, but people are talking about us now, right?” Southwest’s marketing team said with a twinkle in their eye. “People may be mad we destroyed the world, but we got people talking about our airline, so.”

When reached for comment, the White House said they believe in Southwest’s mission of empowering Democrats at any cost. 

“We get the levers of power, and they get to market a hot deal going from Denver to San Diego.  I think that’s a fair trade.” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

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