Liz Cheney To Start Own Party

Liz Cheney To Start Own Party

The Republican Party is playing a dangerous game by not taking Liz Cheney seriously, Liz Cheney warned this week.

“We are still seeing voters show love and support for Donald Trump after I specifically asked them not to,” Cheney fumed. “If things don’t change, I will not hesitate to bring my supporters with me and start a new party. My base is incredibly mobile. They can fit in a Honda Odyssey, so we can leave the GOP quickly if they’re not careful.”

The threat came after the Wyoming congresswoman received an invitation to speak at CPAC from Donald Trump. But after carefully following the directions, she found herself scheduled to speak in front of the urinals in an abandoned basement-level bathroom.

Liz Cheney was enraged and demanded war. Unfortunately, it was the fifth time she had asked for war that day, so she was largely ignored.

Much of the Republican Party has grown tired of Cheney, but tolerate her in Washington as her overly aggressive nature makes her a security threat for the private sector.

“She’ll be fine. Biden will give her plenty of wars,” Trump commented. “ I just feel bad for her, honestly. I heard she went through with the speech to the urinals.”

Update: It appears Liz has calmed down and is trying to bury the hatchet with Trump by inviting him to go hunting with her father.

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