Kamala Harris Inducted Into The Cringe Hall Of Fame

Kamala Harris Inducted Into The Cringe Hall Of Fame

As expected, Kamala Harris was officially inducted into the Cringe Hall of Fame, Thursday night. The ceremony began with Terry McAuliffe dancing for the packed house and Hillary Clinton later doing the honors of introducing the VP.

Once the big moment arrived, the great beast shrieked, “And without further ado, please welcome the cringiest person alive; Kamala Harris!”

Immediately a Nickelback song started blaring and balloons fell from the rafters. With mouths agape, both Hillary and Harris watched the balloons fall with a look of total bewilderment.

Before walking to the podium, Kamala turned to her husband and did what some believed was a kiss. Because the two were both wearing masks, no one can be sure what those two were doing.

“Every single person I slept with on my noble march to Washington DC told me I should be in the Cringe Hall of Fame. And now I’m here!” She yelled holding up her cringe metal. “Fweedom!”

Then Harris started playing the hits. In a Jamaican accent, she told a fake story of being forced onto the wrong school bus as a child.

“No matter what I told Joe Biden’s racist bus drivers, they kept insisting I ride the short bus!” she said before getting deadly serious. “So, as I listened to Katy Perry in my Walkman, I was forced to ride the short bus. All because I’m Asian, mon.”

Following that line, Harris cackled for eight straight minutes and was eventually carried off stage.

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