Conservatives Start Replacing “See You Later“ With “See You At The Camp!”

Conservatives Start Replacing “See You Later“ With “See You At The Camp!”

Convinced they’ll soon be rounded up, conservatives everywhere have begun replacing the phrase “see you later” with “see you at the camp.”

The trend picked up steam after the Biden administration mailed all registered Republicans a pamphlet reading “So You’re An Unhinged Qanon National Security Threat—What Next?”

With Trump gone, many conservatives have begun using the new farewell because elected Republicans have begun fighting to implement the Biden agenda, citing it was ‘ just way easier.’ 

But Mitch McConnell claims that is ‘100% not true,’ on the Capitol steps Monday.  “We will fight with every ounce of energy for our voters unless we forget.  Welp. See you at the camp!” he said before quickly lowering his head into his shirt hole.

As expected, many Washington Republicans are asking conservatives to give up and embrace the inevitability of the camps. GOP leaders are now touting the free market opportunities it could bring the economy.

“The whole new industry of ‘See You At The Camp’ greeting cards–can you imagine?” Mitt Romney said cheerfully.  “The wooden novelty signs you can buy your grandfather that say things like, ‘Don’t Bother This Gramp, He’s Headed To Camp!”  This could be a great economic boon for those not sentenced to a camp.”

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