AOC Declares All Carpet Racist After Tripping Incident

AOC Declares All Carpet Racist After Tripping Incident

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been on a media blitz ever since some racist carpet viciously attacked her in her D.C. home.  

“I was just walking in my apartment and then suddenly, my upper half began hurtling towards the ground,” AOC told Chuck Todd. “I thought, ‘I’m 100% sure this is global warming, probably’.  But then WHAM! –My face smacked the floor.”

“Only in Trump’s America” Chuck Todd muttered.

“I’ve been like, walking on carpet my whole life. But then, after I challenged the system, carpet attacks me? A woman of color?  A beautiful, Latina woman of color!” she screamed.  “I think it’s fair to wonder if we’ve lost all carpet to racism.  Everyone who cares about bigotry should only walk on white marble flooring from now on.”

The racist flooring attack on AOC caps off a busy week of getting attacked for the Congresswoman. On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi mildly disagreed with her and earlier that week a barista mispronounced her name—both of which were also exposed as racists hate crimes.  

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