Andrew Cuomo Ends Reign With Off-putting ‘Was It Good For You?’

Andrew Cuomo Ends Reign With Off-putting ‘Was It Good For You?’

Soon to be former Governor, Andrew Como departed his position with a question that many found off-putting.

“As I leave the people of New York, I want this question to burn in all your minds. Was it good for you?” Cuomo said slowly looking into the camera. “Did I… ya know, do it for you?”

For maximum effect, Cuomo let his questions hang in the air for over a minute.

Eventually, a member of the press asked the disgraced leader what he’ll miss the most about being Governor.

“The women. Grabbing all the women. I loved loving them with all my heart and all my hands. How much did I love them? I’ll tell you. They would ask me if I could stop loving them and I would hold them close and whisper to them ‘never toots,’” Cuomo said getting emotional.

Following the resignation, Albany staffers began sharing some of the warning signs of Cuomo’s fall.

“I knew something was off when he replaced the sexual harassment training videos with his DVD of Porky’s,” a shaken up intern recalled. Another staffer said Cuomo mandated that everyone ‘get the jab’ or risk termination. At first, that seemed like a standard rule for progressive government buildings. But it was later learned this was in 2015 and he wasn’t talking about a vaccine.

Update: Andrew Cuomo has been given the customary 14 days to fondle any staff members he may have missed.

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