Amazing! Woman Wins Heated Facebook Debate Using Only Emojis

Amazing! Woman Wins Heated Facebook Debate Using Only Emojis

Over the weekend, Carly Reynolds of Kennesaw, Georgia pulled off what experts are calling the greatest moment on the internet since Al Gore invented it.  Carly amazingly won a heated political Facebook debate by using nothing but emojis.

After Carly shared a meme of Vince Vaughn saying “Lock it up!” some of her old co-workers from TGI Friday’s chimed in.

“Uhhh, Carly.  You know Vince Vaughn is a Trump voter, don’t you?” Dylan Miller commented.

But Carly just replied with the emoji of yellow face wearing sunglasses.  Her friends were immediately on their heels. 

“Well, what Dylan is saying is, you shouldn’t be furthering Nazi sympathizers like Trump and Vaughn,” commented Annie Howard.

This time Carly went with the yellow face with the zipper lips.  Her friends were even more rattled.

 Soon Dylan jumped back in with, “Listen, Carly.  We all want a friendly conversation here.  We just believe anyone who can tolerate Vince Vaughn is one step away from embracing a Sean Hannity type.”

Then, within seconds of Dylan’s comment being sent, Carly immediately sent over the poo emoji.


At this point, most women would have typed back a response to clear the air.  Nevertheless, she persisted.  Finishing them off with a roundhouse blow.  The kitty face making kissing lips.

Understandably, there was no reply from her friends.  The minutes passed with silence.

Then suddenly, she received comments from both Dylan and Annie.  The two explained how her shrewd debate skills showed them the light.  They would each quit TGI Fridays, marry each other and begin a family right away.  Annie would stay at home with the kids, as Dylan would get a job in fracking.  More importantly, the two would be voting straight Republican next fall.

Carly, beaming with satisfaction, simply replied with the little known red pill emoji.

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