Trump’s 4th Of July Speech Adds Fuel To Rumor He Likes America

Trump’s 4th Of July Speech Adds Fuel To Rumor He Likes America

To celebrate the Fourth of July, President Donald Trump delivered a peculiar speech that didn’t mock or belittle the United States at all.

In fact, it was quite the opposite as the commander in chief actually celebrated America and praised both her founding and her people.

“This is the kind of radical, dangerous talk that’s, frankly, shocking to us at CNN,” Jake Tapper mumbled as his network cut away from the president’s speech at Mount Rushmore nine seconds into his remarks. “When a red-blooded American talks about this nation, the normal thing to do is pray for its demise because of all her unforgivable sins!”

President Trump’s speech added fuel to the rumor that he likes this nation. In fact, former members of George W. Bush’s administration are so uncomfortable with the idea of a Washington elite having fond feelings towards America, hundreds of them have signed a pledge to vote for Joe Biden this November.

The President also sent shockwaves through the media as he did perhaps the most despicable thing imaginable. He thanked ‘our wonderful’ veterans and law enforcement for their service.

“That comment about police is only gonna make Black Lives Matter angry,” famed never-Trumper, Jonah Goldberg said. “That was such bad leadership to stand up to them. If your average stupid American gets offended, that’s one thing. But a BLM member? No. That cannot happen.”

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