Media: Donald Trump In Hot Water For Joe Biden's Racist Comments

Media: Donald Trump In Hot Water For Joe Biden's Racist Comments

Naturally, President Donald Trump finds himself in hot water after Joe Biden made a series of racist remarks.  The media, lead by NBC’s Chuck Todd, is fuming mad at the president.

“How could he?” Todd lamented on his Sunday show. “Biden rattles off horribly racist comments and who’s… ya know, sitting there in the White House with a stupid look on his face?  You guessed it, America, Donald Trump!  This time he’s gone too far!”

Some citizens are questioning the media’s assertion that Donald Trump should take the blame for Democrats’ mistakes.

“Oh, I see what’s going on here,” Chuck Todd sneered when presented with this alternate viewpoint. “White nationists.  Spreading wild conspiracy theories again!”   

This blunder from Trump comes at a bad time as the president is still shouldering the blame for Andrew Cuomo killing off all of New York’s elderly population. 

The president, upon learning he was to blame for Joe Biden’s racist slurs, was not too pleased.

“I don’t think so.  Nice Try,” Trump yelled to a group of reporters.  “You know who’s really to blame for Sleepy Joe’s remarks?  Probably Biden himself.  And if not him, perhaps it was George Soros.  A lot of people are telling me it could have been Soros.  But we’re looking into it.”

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