Donald Trump In Hot Water For Biden Not Caring About Hawaii Fires

Donald Trump In Hot Water For Biden Not Caring About Hawaii Fires

MAR-A-LAGO, FL — It appears Donald Trump has gone too far again after reports surfaced that Biden went on vacation as Hawaii burned.

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“This wretched man just won’t stop, will he?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked his audience Sunday. “It’s a fact that Donald Trump never reminded Joe to care about the wellbeing of the Hawaiians—not at any point! 

And not once did he arrange Biden’s travel to survey the damage. As a state burns, the President is lying on the beach? Expect Trump’s support to crater and for MAGA folks to turn to the only man who can represent them– Asa Hutchinson.”

Now, over seventeen intel agencies are telling Adam Schiff that Trump had been plotting Biden-not-caring-gate about Hawaii for years, causing the former President to respond on Truth Social with:

“The fake news is now saying your favorite President made sleepy Joe sleep as Hawaii burned! NOT TRUE! I love Hawaii, and now it’s burning hotter than Hunter’s pee! Outrageous! (Also, a lot of people are saying I won Hawaii. I don’t know. We’re looking into it.)  

Update: US Government officials are now warning that a row of Key West houses are at extreme risk of fire unless they sell to Oprah.   

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