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CNN Bombshell: Trump Tanked $22 Trillion Economy To Make $58 on Hydroxychloroquine

CNN Bombshell: Trump Tanked $22 Trillion Economy To Make $58 on Hydroxychloroquine

It looks as if CNN may have blown the lid off this whole coronavirus thing.  During a Zoom conversation with Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, and a still-hallucinating Chris Cuomo, the three men stumbled upon something so secretive, it had not been previously discussed by anyone.  Not ever. 

“Listen, you guys.  Do you have any idea how big this is?” Lemon asked.

“Not now Don, we’re talking about Trump’s corruption,” Stelter replied.

“No, I’m talking about Trump’s corruption!  I think he’s got stock in the company that makes Hydroxychloroquine,” Lemon informed.  “I’m seeing on twitter that a mutual fund he owned back in the ’80s once considered buying stock in a company that knew of an overweight man who later went on to use Hydroxycut—the diet supplement.  And that sounds an awful lot like the word Hydroxychloroquine!”

“Oh sweet heavens, you can’t be serious!” Cuomo interrupted in total shock and amazement.”

“I know!  And it gets even better, Chris,” Lemon replied.

“No, the ghost of my dad just walked in!” a euphoric Chris cried out.  “This means I… I can ask him anything.  Dad, I never thought I’d get this chance.  There’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you,” Chris bowed his head and tried to fight back the emotion.  “Dad?” he asked.  “Can you believe how awful that Trump is?”

“Ugh! Stay focused, Chris.  Back to the point.  If this is true, Donald J. Trump could have netted roughly $58,” Lemon explained. 

Stelter, who had been awfully quiet during Lemon’s revelation, then shouted, “Look!  I changed my background to look like I’m in Hawaii!”        

After the gravity of this bombshell sank in, the three men debated who would break the news on-air.  “Listen, Chris.  I know you want to help us break this story,” Lemon began.  “But because you’re still suffering from hallucinations, we feel it should be you alone who alerts the public.” 

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