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Biden: 'Coin-Operated Horsey Rides To Become Primary Source Of Transportation'

Biden: 'Coin-Operated Horsey Rides To Become Primary Source Of Transportation'

Joe Biden made headlines Friday when he explained that once his climate policies are fully enacted, the dominant source of transportation would be the coin-operated horsey ride.

“Joe Biden has given this a great deal of thought.  Nearly a minute,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. “And when you look at how clean, efficient, and frankly fun these horsey rides are, I think they are clearly the answer.”

When Fox’s Peter Doocy asked how citizens would get from point A to point B using the stationary rides, Psaki gasped in shock.

“Excuse me,” she snapped.  “These press briefings are supposed to be a nice discussion among friends.  Not some forum where I’m questioned.”

After collecting herself, she elaborated on how efficient horsey rides would be at getting around town.

“Just the other day, President Biden hopped on a coin-operated horsey in front of a grocery store.  He had the time of his life. And would you believe it, when he got off, he was mere feet from a grocery store.  It was a full day of fun and shopping.  We’d like to see a car be that efficient.”

Update:  Because the impending breadlines will be very long under the Biden administration, the rides will at least give Americans something to do in front of grocery stores.

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