WNBA Players To ESPN: 'You Can Have Us Or The NFL. Not Both'

WNBA Players To ESPN: 'You Can Have Us Or The NFL. Not Both'

NEW YORK, NY–“They can have the NFL or the WNBA. Not both,” Palmdale Platypus shooting guard, Shawnta Jackson wrote in an open letter to ESPN on Monday.

“The NFL might be flying high in the ratings now, but wait until Americans learn they’re just a bunch of men focused on entertaining the masses,” Jackson writes. “Nothing about reverse-transgenderism or how capitalism makes a life-long homosexual couple unable to afford to visit their grandchildren. Yes, ESPN is at a major crossroads. You have one day.”

While the piece was moving to tens of WNBA fans, ESPN was forced to remind the women’s league they hadn’t aired any of their games since 2010.

“For the tenth time this year, the rights to all WNBA games are aired on RPN, not ESPN. And we wish the best for the good folks over at the RazorFlip Phone Network,” read a statement from ESPN. “They paid upwards of $36 in Target gift cards for the exclusive rights and we want to respect that.”

Upon hearing of the WNBA’s demands, star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers held a press conference to try to end the drama.

“Stop trying to cancel the NFL,” Rodgers said reading his prepared statement. “You women, or whatever you are, need to just calm down and quit being so hysterical. Let the strong, capable, and unvaccinated men handle sports.”

Update: Aaron Rodgers’ press conference was the most watched event in television history.

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