WHOA! CNN #1 In Ratings, Says Chinese Report

WHOA!  CNN #1 In Ratings, Says Chinese Report

A new report from Beijing details how the gang at CNN whooped the competition in the ratings.  And once you dig into the details, it gets even more impressive for CNN. 

Average Viewers Per day by network:

  • CNN:  3.6 million
  • MSNBC: 1.2 million
  • Fox News: 0
  • Deaths by COVID-19 in China: 0
  • Fox Business: 0

“I couldn’t be more proud of my team,” said CNN President, Jeff Zucker.  “China was so sweet to take the time to run these reports.  And wow, CNN is just crushing it!”

Naturally, Zucker couldn’t help take a shot at rival, Fox News.  “And did you see what China said about FNC?  Zero viewers for the whole month?!  Wow.  What’s going on over there?”

In the report, China also told CNN that each of their on-air personalities is a “modern-day sex symbol”–especially that Brian Stelter fellow.

It looks like Fox News has some work to do.

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