Ron DeSantis Tells Big Tech To ‘Build Your Own Florida’

Ron DeSantis Tells Big Tech To ‘Build Your Own Florida’

Gov. Ron DeSantis loves the clip of Joe Biden falling up the stairs (twice) and believes all Floridians have a God-given right to share that video on social media every day.

“But they can’t if Facebook and Twitter deplatform them,” DeSantis said at a press conference. “That video made me who I am today and Florida needs it more than sunshine itself!”

So on Monday, DeSantis signed a bill limiting big tech’s power and Silicon Valley is furious.

“He can’t limit our limit on speech. Who elected him?” Zuckerberg fumed. “His bill is extreme and rude. At Facebook, we hate extremism and rudeness. I’d like to send him to a reeducation camp and see how his fugly face likes it.”

Upon hearing the criticism, Ron DeSantis told big tech leaders they were free to ‘build their own Florida.’

For a moment, the governor’s suggestion seemed to backfire as Democrats quickly googled “How to build your own Florida.” But the DeSantis bill had already mandated that search result only populate the video of Joe Biden falling up the stairs (twice). And this version was the one where Donald Trump caused each stumble with a well-placed golf ball to the back.

Update: Many in the media are calling DeSantis’ bill unconstitutional, which immediately caused all their viewers to reflexively love it.

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