Peter Doocy Says Joe Biden Called Him To Say ‘My Butt’s Been Wiped’

Peter Doocy Says Joe Biden Called Him To Say ‘My Butt’s Been Wiped’

It wasn’t the best apology, but Peter Doocy will take what he can get. 

Joe’s phone call to Fox’s reporter came after the president hosted a press conference centered around treating others respectfully and politely.

“Alright, s–t heads, any questions?” Joe snapped to the group.  “What about you, Doocy?  You’re always on my ass.  Why can’t you be more like Hunter, you stupid son of a b—-.  ?”

The moment was a bad look for Biden, and he was forced to call and apologize to Peter.

“Yes, the president did call me,” Doocy informed on Hannity’s show.  “He said he wanted to clarify his comments to me and that I should sit down so I could fully absorb his forthcoming apology.  So I did.  But after a few seconds of silence, he just yelled, ‘My butt’s been wiped!’ and hung up.”

Peter then said this was at least the twentieth time Biden has explained his butt wiping completion habits to him over the phone.

“I yelled back, ‘I KNOW!  I KNOW YOUR DAMN BUTT’S BEEN WIPED!  STOP TELLING ME THAT!’” Doocy admitted to Hannity.  “He’s always calling my phone late at night and doing that creepy whisper thing saying, ‘Peeeeeeeter.  You wanted a quote this afternoon.  Well, it’s you’re lucky day.  My butt’s been wiped!’”

Update:  Before rejoining the press corps, The White House has insisted Peter Doocy take Hunter Biden’s $800k seminar titled, “How To Not Be A Stupid Son Of A B—” in Las Vegas.

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