New York Times: ‘Sure Biden Committed Treason, But Remember His Son Died?’

New York Times: ‘Sure Biden Committed Treason, But Remember His Son Died?’

WASHINGTON, DC – “Amid a whirlwind of evidence piling up against the President, we’re learning that Joe Biden may have committed some ‘light treason.’ But remember his son Beau died? So who are we, a simple news outlet, to report on his international felonies? That would be gross.”

That was the first and only paragraph the deeply respected New York Times wrote in light of the Biden Crime family scandal.  

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“We stand behind this brief article,” the editor later commented. “Again, to the people who have the antiquated view that treason is bad, think about this; Joe Biden once had a son. Then, now really think about this part… His son died. Dead.  Who in that state of mind wouldn’t sell their influence for hundreds of millions?  And, by the way, his son remains dead to this day. No thanks to Republicans.”

Washington Democrats are parroting this line of thinking. The latest example happened in a hearing in which Maxine Waters asked Rep. Jim Jordan the following question:

“Oh, I see how it goes. Just because you proved treason, you’re expecting Joe Biden to—what?  Dig up his son from the grave and assemble some type of marionette contraption so his corpse appears reanimated? Is this seriously what you’re asking the President to do?”

Jordan, in shock, was unable to respond, and many are giving Maxine Waters the win in that exchange.

Update:  According to The Times, all of Joe Biden’s foreign policy missteps are now being expunged because he pooped his pants with the Pope.  

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