Joe Biden Sleeps Through Entire Joe Rogan Interview

Joe Biden Sleeps Through Entire Joe Rogan Interview

AUSTIN, TX– Many were surprised to see Joe Biden agree to appear on the high-energy, multi-hour Joe Rogan podcast, but few were surprised to see him sleep through the entire interview. 

Rogan, the king of podcasts, was not his usual confident self when Biden drifted off to sleep seconds into the show. 

“He’s here!  Holy s***, we got him! Joe Biden, welcome to the show!” Rogan cheerfully began.  Moments later, however, Biden’s head dropped, and he began loudly snoring.  “Oh.  Well…  I… I think he’s dead,” Rogan whispered.  However, Biden’s aids immediately held up a large sign reading:  “Act normally.  Joe will be napping for the next 3-4 hours.”

“How did you have that sign made so fast?!” Rogan angrily whispered while shielding the microphone. 

For the next two hours and fifty-five minutes, Rogan mostly sat in awkward silence.  The only dialog was when Biden briefly talked in his sleep.  Biden’s head shot up, and he screamed, “Set the turtle trap, Corn Pop!  Or my burrito gets burnt!”  This startled Rogan a great deal which led to both Joes screaming the F word in total panic.

Many media say the fictional President conveyed a ‘peaceful’ demeanor to the Rogan podcast. 

“Think about it, aside from the sleep talking, we’re reminded of what America is like now that Joe Biden is in charge.  Other than the killing, looting, and destruction, it’s nice and calm,” Chuck Todd said. 

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