Jeffrey Toobin To Chris Cuomo: ‘It'll Be Hard, But You Can Beat It’

Jeffrey Toobin To Chris Cuomo: ‘It'll Be Hard, But You Can Beat It’

On Wednesday night’s From The Neck Up With Jeffrey Toobin, the host gave a touching encouragement to disgraced CNN colleague, Chris Cuomo.

“Is the camera on? Zoom in on me real close because I want to tell Chris something. Get in here real close,” Toobin said.

“Sir, under no circumstance will the FCC let us zoom in on you. We’re on a thirty-four-minute tape delay because of your… habit,” a producer reminded him.

“Ok, whatever. Christopher, listen to me. You can beat it. It’ll be hard, but you can beat it!” he screamed. “It’s not enough that we’re all pulling for you-you must pull for yourself, dammit!”

Toobin’s passionate speech was so emotional it left many CNN staffers reaching for the tissues. But he wasn’t done.

“Last year during a boring zoom call, I realized I needed to come clean. I finally exposed the world to the real me. I thought it was such a big deal. But you know what my colleagues at CNN later told me? They said ‘Jeff, it’s not that big,’” an emotional Toobin said. “It was so sweet of them.  I beat it, Chris. And so can you.”

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