Jeffrey Toobin: ‘I Feel Ron DeSantis Is Acting Inappropriate’

Jeffrey Toobin: ‘I Feel Ron DeSantis Is Acting Inappropriate’

Governor Ron DeSantis is undoubtedly humiliated after CNN’s esteemed analyst, Jeffrey Toobin called him out over the weekend.

“Folks, I feel Ron DeSantis is acting inappropriate. What he’s doing in Florida is absolutely disgusting,” Toobin said on his new CNN show From The Neck Up. “If he was acting all conservative in his home, in private–that would be one thing. But out in the open in front of everyone? Has he no shame?”

During Toobin’s show, CNN cut to a live press conference DeSantis was about to give. Soon the Florida governor walked into frame and Jeffrey was left in complete shock.

“Oh my goodness. I… I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. Does he know he’s on the air?” Toobin asked his producers in a panic.

Soon, Toobin could no longer take DeSantis’ graphic and shameful debasement.

“RON! EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU RIGHT NOW WITHOUT A MASK ON! WE CAN ALL SEE YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE–TOTALLY EXPOSED!” he screamed. “If you have children in the room, please consider taking them away from this unnatural display and send them to a drag queen story hour until we figure out what’s going on.”

Finally, it was time for a commercial break and Jeffrey Toobin was able to collect himself.

Update: It was not a commercial and he collected himself all over the place.

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