Facebook Meme Leaves 32 Dead, 115 Wounded

Facebook Meme Leaves 32 Dead, 115 Wounded

The White House is reporting another devastating murder spree by Facebook. This time a meme showing Dr. Fauci saying, “Only 25 looters per store” has left 32 dead and 115 wounded. The news even caused Joe Biden to go as far as calling Facebook ‘almost as dangerous as stairs.’

Moments after the meme was posted, security footage captured Mark Zuckerberg sprinting out of Facebook’s headquarters and hiding in some bushes.

“And now we wait,” he could be heard whispering. “So much blood. So much death. This wave of carnage is definitely why I built Facebook.”

Jen Psaki addressed the bloodbath on Monday:

“We have reason to believe the cause of death was because that meme was missing so much context,” she said. “Looting was clearly lowered to 20 people–not 25, so that’s not accurate.”

When Peter Doocy inquired about the location of the bodies, the White House said they are scattered all over Chicago.

Update: Despite their clear guilt, Facebook released the following statement refuting the White House claim: “In response to the claim that we are ‘killing people’, we emphatically want to remind the public that we stopped doing that.”

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