Disaster: Team DeSantis Accidentally Books Ron On The Charles Krauthammer Podcast

Disaster: Team DeSantis Accidentally Books Ron On The Charles Krauthammer Podcast

Tallahassee, FL: Tuesday marked another embarrassing moment for team DeSantis when the campaign mistakenly booked the presidential hopeful on the long-defunct Charles Krauthammer Podcast.  

Initially, DeSantis, the target of dozens of media outlets, was unsure which personality was interviewing him. The awkward silence began immediately, but Ron did his best.

“I… I can tell my candidacy has left you in a state of silence,” he eventually said into the mic. 

“I’m not surprised. We’re all in a state of shock. But…what my announcement lacks in volume, we more than make up for in… Uh… legislative wins.”

As DeSantis talked, campaign manager Christina Pushaw frantically gestured that he needed to raise his level of excitement.

“But… uhhh, Ya know, what I like about you? You’re certainly not one of those woke leftists,” he said. 

“In fact, you don’t strike me as awake at all. Are… are you awake?”

After a grueling 45 minutes of this one-sided interview, a sweating DeSantis was eventually interrupted by a member of the studio janitorial staff. 

“Uhh, Sir? Are you alright? None of your equipment is even plugged in,” he informed.

Pushaw, furious at the interruption, took off a high heel and threw it at the janitor’s face.  

“Are you crazy! The great Charles Krauthammer is interviewing Ron—so SHUT UP!” she screamed. “This is gonna be so huge!”

Upon hearing this, a frustrated DeSantis screamed the F word, and stormed out of the studio.

Update: Somehow, this podcast had more downloads than Nikki Haley’s appearance on Brian Stelter and Jeffrey Toobin’s little-known podcast, Spud & Tug.

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