Big Tech Censors Joe Biden After He Admits He’s Unsure If He’s President

Big Tech Censors Joe Biden After He Admits He’s Unsure If He’s President

It’s not just right-wing satire sites that find themselves censored by big tech.  On Thursday Facebook, Google and Twitter scrubbed all content from Joe Biden after he admitted he ‘wasn’t sure’ if he was the President.

“It’s only the most dangerous and deranged members of society who don’t believe Joe Biden is President,” Mark Zuckerberg said.  “We have zero tolerance for it so, yes, Joe Biden is suspended.”

Zuckerberg is referring to Biden’s recent comments when he rejected his role as President and claimed he was the “king of the otters.”

“Look, Chuck, let me be clear.  I’m not sure I’m President,” Biden told the press while lying on his stomach.  “For the last 120 years, I’ve slid around like this.  And I lay on my back and eat oysters.  This is what me and Barack ran on!”

Standing off stage, Hunter Biden yelled, “He’s right, ya know!  He’s the king of the otters—but only sea otters.  None of this river otter crap!  Besides, they’re out of his jurisdiction.”

Google is not pleased with this development either. 

“We manipulated three billion dollars of internet content to control a US President, not an otter king!” Google CEO Sundar Pichai screamed with rage.  “If something doesn’t change quickly, we’ll be forced to use the free market to kill everyone in our path!”

Update: The Otter King has demanded to invade Syria and big tech has now embraced him with open arms.

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