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Biden Makes Play For Evangelicals With New Book ‘Moral AF’

Biden Makes Play For Evangelicals With New Book ‘Moral AF’

WASHINGTON, DC — Currently, only 4% of evangelicals support Joe Biden.  But that might change when his new book Moral AF hits the shelves.  Biden, who has lately become unable to read, write or think, has allowed his handlers to make an aggressive play for the Christians everywhere by writing a book under his name.

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The book’s title, which is raising eyebrows, is neither hurting nor helping pre-order sales.  “Thankfully, no one in evangelical circles knows what ‘AF’ means,” a rep from the publisher informed.   

“We wanted to really show those stupid Christians that Joe was their man, but we also didn’t feel comfortable losing the youthful, Satan-worshiping vote,” a staffer said about the book’s title.  “You never want to lose 90% of your base.”

Despite the book not being available for another thirty days, the New York Times has already named it the #1 best seller of the decade.  They went even further, proclaiming that Biden’s book is “way better than the Bible, and if the Christians don’t think so, they’re racist af.”

Update:  Unwilling to lose any evangelical support, Trump has quickly countered with a book titled How To Cope With Knowing You’re God’s Favorite Person—Maybe Ever.

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