Ben Shapiro Records His Audiobook In Less Than 52 Seconds

Ben Shapiro Records His Audiobook In Less Than 52 Seconds

Known as ‘The Bagel Blur’ in the podcast world, Ben Shapiro once again left recording technicians dumbfounded as he spoke each word of his 489-page book The Media Is Acting Incorrigible Again & Frankly I’m Astonished, Folks in exactly 51.8 seconds. 

“I’ve never heard anything like it.  His words were coming out as fast as bullets” a tech said.  “At one point he even began moving his head side-to-side like the way you’d shoot a machine gun.”

“Hey, hey fellas,” Shapiro said reaching for his wallet.  “You folks charge $300 per hour and seeing as how I only used fifty-two seconds, that means I owe $4.33.”

Ben was technically correct, but the studio was annoyed that Jeremy Boreing had reserved two days of studio time.  “Plus you burnt up our microphone again!” a technician yelled.

“Ya know what?  That sounds like a you problem,” Shapiro said holding out cash.  “Now, this is a five-dollar bill—which gives you a 14.7% tip.  You plug that surplus into Birch Gold and bang!  You’re looking at some real profit in seventy years.”

Update:  Because Ben is a good guy, he went back into the studio and recorded two full days of his John Kerry impression. 

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