Nancy Pelosi Bans Terms ‘Skeletor’ And ‘Dingbat’ From House Floor

Nancy Pelosi Bans Terms ‘Skeletor’ And ‘Dingbat’ From House Floor

Nancy Pelosi unveiled a new change to House rules on Friday, highlighted by the complete ban of the terms ‘Skeletor’ and ‘dingbat’.

“As we know, the House under my leadership is a well-oiled machine delivering for the American people,” Pelosi said.  “That said, I feel a larger percentage of people are always muttering the words ‘Skeletor’ and ‘dingbat’ under their breath.  I hear those names all the time.”

Before Pelosi could finish, Congressman Matt Gaetz yelled out, “Awe, give me a break, Skeletor!  These aren’t the issues the American people are interested in, ya old dingbat!”

“You see?  That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Pelosi screamed just before throwing her gavel like a tomahawk at Gaetz.  “I demand respectful and classy behavior around here you fat baboon!” 

Pelosi went on to say she has also banned controversial words like “mother” and “daddy”.  However, the Speaker appeared to violate her own rules by concluding her press conference by saying, “So who’s your daddy, now?  Mother [explicit]?”

Update: Democrat House members will now be allowed to throw their urine and feces at Republicans.

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