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‘Kids In Cages’ Up 225% Since You Started Reading This Headline

‘Kids In Cages’ Up 225% Since You Started Reading This Headline

When the Biden administration eliminated ICE, tore down the wall, and started waving foreigners into America like a third base coach, few could have anticipated the immigration crisis we now find ourselves in.

In fact, since you decided to click on this article, the number of kids in cages has soared a whopping 225%.  And Biden officials are quick to point out the correlation. 

“It’s these stupid Babylon Bee knock-off, click-bait websites that keep showing up in people’s social media!” a staffer yelled.  “Just keep scrolling folks!  Nothing to see here!”

But despite the finger-pointing, the children are piling up faster than Andrew Cuomo’s accusers.

“All we can say is, thank goodness this is Trump’s problem, am I right?” a rattled Jen Psaki said as commotion could be heard coming from behind the blue curtain backdrop.

“Excuse me, Jen?  Are you hiding a bunch of migrant children behind those drapes?” Peter Doocy asked.

“Ok, fine!  You caught us, we ran out of places to hide them!” Psaki yelled moments before kids spilled out onto the briefing room floor.  “But I can count on you reporters not to tell anyone, right?” 

Update:  Biden has reauthorized the Keystone pipeline as a method of quickly flowing children into red states.

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