James Comey: ‘Why Should I Go To Jail For A Crime William Barr Noticed?’

James Comey: ‘Why Should I Go To Jail For A Crime William Barr Noticed?’

In a recent statement, James Comey asked a question that he and the folks at CNN are demanding answers to.

“Throughout this whole fiasco, there’s something that’s never been properly explained to me,” Comey began.  “Why should I go to jail for a crime William Barr noticed?  Under the Obama administration, we never had to worry about these types of things. 

The CNN morning panel was also fuming mad about Comey’s situation. 

“It’s an indisputable fact that Bill Barr’s DOJ is ONLY looking into James Comey because of his crimes,” Brian Stelter informed his viewers.  “And it’s important to review the facts here folks; the only thing that Comey did was willfully set a bunch of perjury traps at Obama’s request and leak classified documents.”

“That’s exactly right, Brian!” CNN’s Brooke Baldwin replied.  “The Trump administration needs to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves, are you prepared to make lying under oath and falsifying documents a crime?”    

At this time CNN’s star contributor, James Clapper piped up.  “If you think William Barr isn’t hurting regular American citizens here you’re wrong.  I made a great post-FBI living saying Trump was a Russian asset and now Barr is throwing my under oath statements out there which show me saying the exact opposite!  Barr is shameless!  How does he sleep at night?!”

Update:  James Comey has hired a robust legal defense team, headed by Bob Loblaw to fight the Trump DOJ. 

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