Experts: Shattered Bones In Jeffrey Epstein’s Neck ‘Definitely Coronavirus’

Experts: Shattered Bones In Jeffrey Epstein’s Neck ‘Definitely Coronavirus’

In a stunning new twist to the Jeffrey Epstein saga, the disgraced millionaire’s death was “definitely coronavirus” experts are telling us.

“Oh yeah, I don’t even need to do an autopsy.  I know its corona” Dr. Webster told The Glorious American. “A lot of people don’t know this, but when then say that a sore throat is a symptom of coronavirus, that includes the bones around your neck spontaneously breaking.”

And for those who are quick to discredit reports surrounding Epstein, consider this;  Dr. Webster is Bill and Hillary Clinton’s personal doctor.  That’s how good of a doctor he is.  Again, he’s the doctor to a former President and Secretary of State—so you know he’s good.

“The more we learn about coronavirus, the more we understand how likely it was that these little cells traveled through the air and into that security camera.  The cells corrupted the footage and that’s why the darn video of Epstein’s suicide was lost!” Dr. Webster said with an uneasy laugh. 

Since his death, many citizens have demanded to know what really happened to Jeffrey Epstein in that cell.  Now, thanks to the excellent reporting by The Glorious American, everyone can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of finally knowing the truth.

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