Democrats To Handle Supreme Court Vacancy With Class

Democrats To Handle Supreme Court Vacancy With Class

For years Democrats have been an example for our nation’s youth by demonstrating a cool and calm brand of governing.  It’s why a recent poll shows the modern Democrat party is trusted higher than a Navy Seals team led by Morgan Freeman.  And if you’re lucky enough to live in a major city run by Democrats, you might be reading this article in a well-maintained public park, or while strolling home after working the late shift.

It’s because of this reputation that Americans are sleeping well as Democrats navigate the waters of President Trump’s pledge to fill the open Supreme Court seat. 

“You know, we prefer the selection be made after the election, but if President Trump moves forward, we will respect that decision too,” Chuck Schumer said while volunteering at Shriners Children’s Hospital.  “We’re not too worried about the pick because this president was elected by the people.  So in a way, it’s really the American citizens making the selection.”

Pelosi was her usual thoughtful self as she explained the need for a healthy two-party system.  “It’s like I always tell my fellow Democrats, practice self-reflection, run an honest, clean campaign and we’ll be making Supreme Court selections soon enough.  But most of all, we should follow Hillary’s advice.  She always warns to not take politics too seriously, ya know?  America is great because it doesn’t require a politician running everything.”

Pelosi needed to excuse herself to help tutor Barron Trump, but her words were warm and helpful as always.

Update:  The DNC has asked The Glorious American to take this story down.

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